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Brazilian food labeling regulation has several peculiarities and points that are striking different from other countries, such as the exigencies for ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms, allergen declaration and warning signals and sayings. Also, codes on the use of certain kinds of images and sayings is not allowed.

We are ready to help your company to go through the maze of more than 170 regulations issued by tens of organisms that make the framework of food labeling in Brazil. Misbranding may result in the impedment of product internalization leading to economic and image losses.


You want to play this market. We know its rules as few.
Hand in hand let us speed up your way in.

Label from Scratch _

You provide data about your product and receive a template (black lettering on white background) showing where each piece of information and obligatory declarations should appear on your label.

Consulting _

You plan to export food or beverage to Brazil and need us to prospect which regulations apply to your product and company. Drop us a line, choose language (Portuguese, English or Spanish) and will prepare your roadmap.

Label Reviewing _

You send us your label and get a critical analysis of the points that have to be adapted to fit Brazilian regulation (report in English or Spanish). Our checklist contains more than 550 items and is permanently updated.

Training  _

Your company has its own labeling team and need us to train it on the Brazilian regulation? It will be a pleasure to meet you guys and provide training in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

Label Design _

You send us the editable file (PDF or AI format) of your label and receive the adapted label in conformity with the Brazilian regulation. In cases where artwork has to be adpated, you may rely on our partner communication agency, Amplo Gourmet.

Laboratory Tests _

You need to perform laboratory tests on your product so as to complete the labeling requirements. We can help you, counting on a partnership witth a ISO 17.025 certified laboratory GTA Alimentos.

Cause regulations do change _

All our clients receive, free of charge, e-mail notifications about new Brazilian food labeling regulations.

FoodLabelLab is a service provided by Oxya Agro e Biociencias EIRELI 
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