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We're a Brazilian company, with more than 20 years of experience on Technological and Regulatory Issues in the fields of Food and Agriculture. We provide solutions to companies in Brazil and abroad, from startups to multinational ones.


As food labeling regulations are not harmonized among countries and considering that Brazil is a major player in the food sector, we understand that providing consultancy to foreigner companies willing to trade to Brazil could be valuable and facilitate their way in. As such, we propose ourselves to work as your food label counterpart in Brazil, making food labeling compliance to our complex regulatory framework easy and simple. 

Major projects in the fields of Food and Agriculture

  • InovaDefesa Inovação Tecnológica para Defesa Agropecuária (Universidade Federal de Viçosa). A countrywide project that contributed to the transfer of technology and expertise from universities and research institutes to regulatory agencies in the field of Plant and Animal Health and Food Inspection.

  • InovaIMA (Instituto Mineiro de Agropecuária). Analysis and mapping of the regulatory framework of activities performed by inspectors of the state of Minas Gerais in charge of Plant and Animal Health and Food Inspection.

  • ENFISA Encontro de Fiscalização e Seminário Nacional sobre Agrotóxicos (multiinstitutional). Organization of approximately 40 workshops on pesticide regulation that resulted in the harmonization of procedures adopted by the agencies in charge of inspection of pesticide trade and use.

  • Cooperación para la Armonización de Normas y Procedimientos Veterinarios y Fitosanitarios, Inocuidad de Alimentos y Producción Agropecuaria Diferenciada (Ingal). Survey of information and regulation on risk analysis services carried out in Brazil in the fields of Plant Protection, Animal Health and Food Inspection.

  • Pathway initiated risk analysis for New World Screwworm introductions into and management of the Barrier Zone in the Darién Gap, Panama (Food and Agriculture Organization). A continental analysis of the risk represented to the food sector by the potential spread of the screwworm.

  • DefesaVegetal.Net (Associação Nacional de Defesa Vegetal). A huge technical content website and mobile app about pests and technology to hinder agricultural losses.

Regina Sugayama, Director

Regina Sugayama, director of Oxya Agro and Biosciences and coordinator of FoodLabelLab, has a wide experience in Science and Regulatory issues. She has a PhD degree issued in 2000 by the University of Sao Paulo, a proeminent institution in Brazil where during undergrad and graduate courses she conducted research projects about management of fruit pests and quarantine. Since 2001 Regina is in charge of Oxya Agro e Biociências, a service provider to private and public institutions established in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. As a pest risk analyst, Regina contributed to the establishment of phytosanitary measures to prevent the unintentional introduction of organisms of quarantenary importance as a result of international trade of plants, their parts or products. Also, she has extense experience as a consultant to governmental and supranational organisms.

International experience

Since 1997, Regina has been working in close relationship with international agents, as the Editor in Chief of an international scientific journal (Neotropical Entomology), as a risk analyst hired by Brazilian companies and their abroad counterparts willing to trade food or plant parts, as a consultant of supranational organisms and contributing to defend food industry interests in international issues. Portuguese is her mother tongue and she is fluent in two foreign languages (English and Spanish), instrumental knowledge of French and basic knowledge of Japanese. Regina visited a list of more than 30 countries for professional and personal motivations.

Polyana Karine Silva Martins, Analyst

Polyana has a Bachelor of Science degree issued by the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and a specialist degree issued by the Centro Universitario SENAC. Since 2015 she is in charge of the Observatório de Legislação, a web based service that compiles new acts and regulations issued by the Brazilian Federal Government in the fields of Food and Agriculture. Also, Polyana has been cooperating since 2015 in the projects in the fields of Plant Health and Food Inspection.

FoodLabelLab is a service provided by Oxya Agro e Biociencias EIRELI 
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